Central to what CRIPtic offers the arts is our access advisory service. Within this team members specialising in everything from the built environment to activities, engagement and performances. We can work with you on everything from the size of your toilet to the events that you offer.

Do you want to book a full root-and-branch audit for your entire organisation? If so, our access advisory service can carry out research and interviews before writing up a report on the experiences of deaf and disabled people within the organisation.

Or have you got a little problem you’re not sure how to solve? Whatever the scale of the advice you are looking for, CRIPtic. We work across the arts, from visual art to music, performance, and film – and beyond.

CRIPtic are experienced in working with organisations of any scale.

We can

  • Ensure you’re creating a welcoming and supportive space for deaf and disabled arts
  • Help you curate a programme with adequate representation of deaf and disabled creatives
  • Work with you to design positive, inclusive, and supportive policies for working with deaf and disabled people on your project
  • Draft and prepare inclusive and welcoming advertising materials for deaf and disabled staff

Whether you want a one-off training session, a facilitated discussion, a talk, or mentoring support, we are able to work with you, so you can better work with creatives. CRIPtic Arts are passionate about improving the industry – and the experience – for deaf and disabled people from all backgrounds. With our help, you can also be changing the arts.

If you want to know more, why not contact us, or email team@cripticarts.org