At the heart of CRIPtic are our creative projects. We run community projects designed to reduce isolation, and aimed at non-artists such as Poetry and Place; our work with Spread the Word to run a retreat and salon, or our open mic nights and performances. There’s something for everyone. In 2019 we did our first Barbican Showcase, and then we ran CRIPtic Barbican Showcase 2021 again this year.

We want to build and develop communities of d/Deaf and disabled people through the medium of arts. Our current major creative project is:

Salon – CRIPtic x Spread the Word

CRIPtic are working with Spread the Word to run a bimonthly salon for d/Deaf and disabled writers. There are free workshops, readings, and an open mic with five slots that you must book in advance. Community outreach is a huge part of our programme. It is crucial to our ethos that we offer projects to the community, not just professional artists.