Where do d/Deaf and disabled artists come from? Ultimately, from our communities. Every artist starts from somewhere. Our community events will nurture you – whether you’re the next star, or have no desire to be one.

When we say that the arts are for everyone, we mean that you don’t have to be ‘an artist’. You don’t even have to want to be one for the arts to benefit you. Central to the CRIPtic ethos is the fact that the arts are good for everyone. We want to offer a range of projects that are aimed at the community – development, but also fun.

Joining a disability arts community designed for people with bodies and/or minds like your own is so valuable. Where we will not treat your access needs as an ‘additional’, but as an ‘of course’. We work towards being a space able to meet everyone’s access requirement. Where that isn’t possible in one single space, we want to create and build as many spaces as possible, so there really is somewhere for everyone.

Our community work

Poetry and Place worked with elderly and isolated Lewisham residents during the pandemic, and formed a poetry course by post, at their pace, with support and feedback. The CRIPtic x Spread the Word Salon is a workshop running every two months in 2020/21, open to everyone, without a limit on capacity. It will be followed by a reading, Q&A, and an open mic. There is no need to be an experienced writer, no need to have a profile, and no need to have anything finished – just bring your work, and share it (if you’ve reserved a place to read!). Reading one’s work out to a (virtual) room of people, is a way of sending yourself out there, and seeing yourself reflected back. It can be transformative – and it’s that which we’re always reaching towards with CRIPtic.

Get involved

Many of our workshops have spaces available so take a look. If there is any experience or skill required, we will always make that clear.

As we grow, transform, and develop as an organisation we will centre disability arts community projects in our organisation – meeting everyone where they are. Maybe you’ll have fun!