Arts Council England Funding Application Access Support

Supported by Arts Council England, we are aware of the barriers deaf and disabled people face applying for ACE funding. From complex questions to difficulty navigating Grantium, it can be hard to understand the process. If you are a deaf or disabled artist who – for reasons connected with being deaf and/or disabled – would struggle with the ACE application process, ACE are able to offer funding application support via CRIPtic Arts. Tou might need support for a number of reasons. If you:

  • Speak BSL and are less confident with written English you might struggle with understanding and translating the questions from written English into BSL.
  • Use assistive tech to access the internet – whether screenreader, switch control, eyegaze, or any other solution, you might have difficulty with the Grantium form – or with typing at all.
  • Struggle with concentration and structuring your ideas into the form – or you struggle with spelling and grammar – producing the ACE form might be a real challenge.
  • Use Easy Read information it might be hard for you to understand what the questions are asking, or how to answer them.

CRIPtic are passionate about more deaf and disabled-led and facilitated work existing in the world. We want to work with you to achieve that. If you have an idea and want to an Arts Council grant is what you need, please get in touch

If after that you want to apply and need support with the application, we can help you work with the Arts Council to put access support in place, and if you want our support, we can then invoice the Arts Council directly for providing that support to you.

Arts Funding in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

Arts funding in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland works differently – and it’s not an area that we’re experts in. If you are, contact us so we can pair you with potential applicants.

Help with other funding opportunities

We may be able to provide access support with other funding bodies. Many of them commission support for deaf and disabled artists, and we are more than willing to provide that support. If you think this would be useful to you, or you want to discuss it with us further, contact us.