Looking for a DIRECTOR for Jamie Hale’s NOT DYING

Jamie Hale here! I’m delighted to say I’ve received ACE funding for a new Research & Development process on my solo show, NOT DYING. This means I’m recruiting for roles, and especially a director. 

The role is open to any deaf or disabled director, but I am particularly interested in finding a director who is a wheelchair user, and/or has experience of ongoing life-threatening illness.

The rehearsals are weeks beginning 11th and 18th April, in London. You can find a job description here.


My show was written in 2018. It explored the shift from being seriously ill, with exacerbations that were frequently life-threatening and had a significant impact on my lifespan, to starting a treatment that made me well enough, for the first time in my adult life, to really live in the world. A shift from dying to not dying. Also one that asked me to look at what it really meant to be a disabled person. To be a wheelchair user. To have my life so fundamentally shaped by disableism.

I’m rewriting the show, because I felt it sometimes fell into tropes of inspiration and overcoming, which was not my intent. I’m also working alongside a Deaf performer/translator. Instead of relying on a hearing interpreter, we’re finding ways of telling our own stories through performance.

Because the content is so personal, my dream is to find a director who understands the positions I’m in as I move through it. A director who can make sure the story is told in an authentic way. I’m hoping to find a director who has experiences of mobility impairment, and/or life-threatening illness – and ideally who has worked on shows that also involve BSL.

There are some great disabled directors out there – and far more that I don’t know. If you are a theatre director who uses a wheelchair, has a mobility impairment, or has experience of ongoing life-threatening illness, get in touch and apply.