Good art is accessible. Accessible doesn’t mean easy or made simple. It doesn’t mean you can’t push and challenge audiences. It does mean you need to consider the wide variety of bodies and minds that will be accessing your art. How will you make it legible, comprehensible, and accessible to everyone? This is a challenge – but one that will ultimately make your art better.

At CRIPtic, we start from a perspective of embedded or integrated access. People should build access into work from the beginning. This means that when audiences engage with it, they’re engaging with work in which access was a major aspect. It’s not a bolt-on, it all fits together, and the access is a crucial part of the work. The CRIPtic team can come in as you’re developing your ideas. We are able to work on a consultancy basis to improve this part of your project. Furthermore, we can help with practical challenges such as budget and location, as well as artistic challenges.

However, it’s never too late to work on it. If the work you’ve designed is less accessible than you wanted, we can still help. If you can’t find the right venue, or the right support – if it’s almost opening night and you’ve just started to think about access – get in touch.

When you create a piece of work that is designed with an exclusion of a class of people then you’ve lost something in your art, and in your audience. We can support you to find ways of including those people, wherever you’re at in the artistic process. If you think you need help with your work, just drop us an email on to have our support in improving your work.