At CRIPtic Arts, we offer arts and policy informed training and development both online and offline. We specialise in disability and access, and have both ‘off-the-shelf’ and ‘bespoke’ training packages. We have experience in organisations across the arts, policy, and non-profit sectors, as well as in higher education and local government. Therefore, we can support you in working with both disabled staff and disabled participants, audiences, students, or service recipients.

As a disabled-led organisation, we base our training on the understanding that disabled people face barriers imposed by your organisation and in wider society. We work with you to identify what those barriers are, and what you can do to change, mitigate, and eliminate them.

Our expertise covers deaf, disabled and neurodivergent people, meaning that we are entirely user-led. Our training is always delivered by people impacted by the barriers discussed. We use ‘disabled’ as a short-hand. However, we are also able to tailor any of our trainings to supporting specific groups, including neurodivergent people, people with energy-limiting impairments, people with mental health conditions, people who face physical access barriers, and more.

We can:

  • Ensure you’re creating a welcoming and supportive space for deaf and disabled arts
  • Help you curate a programme with adequate representation of deaf and disabled creatives
  • Work with you to design positive, inclusive, and supportive policies for working with deaf and disabled people on your project
  • Draft and prepare inclusive and welcoming advertising materials for deaf and disabled staff

Our training and development expertise includes:


  • Theatre productions and audience access
  • Creating accessible resources through your arts work
  • Recruiting disabled (including neurodivergent) artists
  • Creating an accessible workplace for disabled (including neurodivergent) people
  • Funding for access for disabled (including neurodivergent) staff
  • Access to Work funding and support
  • Arts Council England budgeting for audience access
  • Arts Council England budgeting for participant access


  • Disability and discrimination – legislation and support
  • Creating accessible spaces within your organisation
  • Recruiting disabled (including neurodivergent) staff
  • Supporting disabled (including neurodivergent) staff in the workplace
  • Managing disabled (including neurodivergent) staff
  • Using Access to Work to better support disabled (including neurodivergent) staff

Programme evaluation

We are able to support you with a deep dive across your programmes, assessing access in your procedures and projects. Whether a brief report or a root-to-branch redevelopment, we are specialised in creating disabled-friendly projects.


We also offer resources through Research – Resources – Revolution – our research-informed programme creating resources for change across the arts sector.

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