CRIPtic x Trans Vegas: Trans and Deaf or Disabled Performers

Wanted: trans and deaf or disabled performers to perform at HOME Manchester (paid opportunity – £250)

After years of collaboration, including Trans Vegas Director, Kate O’Donnell, directing the original version of Jamie Hale’s NOT DYING, we will be bringing the relaunched version of the show to HOME Manchester on Friday 11th November. To accompany it, we’re looking for a line-up of performers who are trans and deaf or disabled.

What are we looking for?

You need to have a piece, any artform of about 10-15 minutes, that’s ready to go on stage. There will be minimal rehearsal time although we will be able to offer some advice and support in advance. Your piece doesn’t need to be about you being trans, deaf, or disabled. However, you do need to be trans and deaf or disabled yourself.

Your piece would accompany Jamie’s NOT DYING. This show is a celebration of life in the face of disability, mortality, and death. It’s a commanding, confident piece that moves between sex, joy, and emotional devastation.

Who are we looking for?

When we say ‘trans’ we include anyone who feels that word applies to them – or is applied to them. This includes people of all (and no) genders, gender non-conforming people, and people considering, pre, or post transition (whatever that means to you).

When we say ‘disabled’, we mean ‘people who experience disableist (or ableist) barriers’. This means people who are getting excluded from opportunities in life or in the arts because society has made it hard for people with their body/mind function to participate. People who often face barriers like this include:

  • People with physical impairments
  • People with mental health problems
  • People with energy-limiting impairments
  • Chronically ill people
  • Neurodivergent people
  • Deaf people
  • Blind people
  • People with learning disabilities
  • And many more…

To find out more, read the callout here, or email with a bit about your performance (not more than 1000 words or 10 minutes in video, spoken or written English and British Sign Language accepted), CV (if you have one), and any footage you have of previous performers.