2021 CRIPtic Pit Party

2021 CRIPtic Pit Party


Following their sold-out Pit Party in 2019, Jamie invited deaf and disabled artists to respond to the theme of ‘the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, by ourselves’ for the 2021 CRIPtic Pit Party. Sets included music, spoken word, poetry and a dynamic collaboration between Deaf hip hop artists.

These performances were the culmination of an artistic development programme led by Jamie, supporting a cultural arts scene that has been hit hard by the pandemic. Their Pit Party recreated deeply personal experiences rarely represented on stage in a spirited, celebratory atmosphere. 

Images & Reviews

Creative Team

A black and white image of Jamie Hale. They are white, and surrounded by nature, wearing a black shirt, with black glasses frames and bleached blonde hair.

Jamie Hale

Mik Scarlet is a white man with short blonde hair, a short blonde beard, and an excellent tan. He is wearing a blue blazer, and the backdrop is a white photography studio.

Mik Scarlet


Caitlin Richards

Lata Nobes. A black and white photo of Lata. She is a British/Indian woman with dark shoulder length wavy hair, dark eyes, and she is wearing a white top. She looks sideways into the distance.

Lata Nobes

Associate Director
A black and white photo of Rylan, a white person with short wavy dark hair, looking into the distance in 3/4 profile.

Rylan Gleave

A black and white photo of Rufus. Rufus Elliot is pictured playing its viola, focusing on something out of shot. It is wearing a black short sleeved shirt, with its short hair tied up at the back.

Rufus Isabel Elliot

This is a black and white portrait. Tom is standing on stage, he is a caucasian boy with short-ish white hair. He is wearing round, plastic blue glasses and a black buttoned up polo shirt.

Tom Ryalls

Tink is looking away from the lens, it is a sunny day, early evening on a council estate in central London. They are wearing a crisp white shirt buttoned to the top and a denim jacket. They have blue eyes and a short mod haircut.

Tink Flaherty

A portrait black and white photograph. Alice wears clear circlular glasses, she has a fringe and her hair is half up half down.

Alice Christina-Corrigan

Oli - a white non-binary person - has bleached hair and is dressed in a light blue jumper that reads ‘kind human.’ Oli stands in the foreground next to a microphone that is hanging from the ceiling. They have a focused expression and their mouth is slightly open.

Oli Isaac

Miss Jacqui is a Black woman with lots of curly hair. She is looking at the camera and is wearing a beige coloured top. She is seated outdoors surrounded by trees and plants.

Miss Jacqui

MC Geezer is a white man with short hair and a short beard. He is wearing black glasses and a red polo shirt, and is standing outside some buildings in Hackney.

MC Geezer



Sahera Khan, light brown skin, round face, smiling a little, black round glasses, black turban and wearing a khaki shirt.

Sahera Khan


Gold Maria Akanbi


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