A .gif of the BSL sign (link) for CRIPtic, signed by the outline of a person in glasses, before the .gif becomes the CRIPtic logo

CRIPtic Arts focuses on three areas of disability arts:

  • Supporting deaf and disabled people in the arts
  • Creating, developing, and producing work accessible to deaf and disabled audiences
  • Supporting institutions to put access at the heart of their practice, through speakers, training, and reviews

We offer individual artists a wide range of events, workshops, and creative writing sessions,. We also offer funding application support, 1:1 advice and a community drop-in for deaf and disabled artists.

CRIPtic also works with companies and institutions to make creative work more accessible, and to offer speakers, training, and institutional disableism reviews.

Our artistic programming is for ground-breaking creativity within disability arts. We want work that challenges audiences to consider new perspectives and different priorities. We look to find, champion, and create work that comes from deaf and disabled people. While working with all deaf and disabled people, we focus on those whose access requirements are not met elsewhere.

a celebration of the collective […] an assured line up of creatives

Theatre Full Stop on CRIPtic Showcase 2021

CRIPtic in British Sign Language

The CRIPtic sign in BSL is made by a signer using the handshape of a letter C with their thumb and first finger. They then rotate their wrist to turn that C upside down. They tuck their thumb in and point their first finger outwards, bringing it diagonally upwards away from their body in the shape of a ‘tick’.