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by Jamie Hale

NOT DYING is a multidisciplinary solo(ish) show exposing the interiority of Jamies’ experiences with disability and mortality. It is a love letter to wholeness, queer sex, and the bold, transgressive act of living joyfully as a disabled person.

The CRIP Monologues

The crippled body is an object of disgust and fascination, delight and suspicion. Existing within one is an experience of being stared at, but rarely seen. Nobody wants to be caught staring at disabled people – what happens when they are?

CRIPtic Showcases

The CRIPtic Showcases are a mixed bill of riotous, political and joyful work from outstanding deaf and disabled creatives. Our showcases have travelled nationally, from the Barbican to HOME Theatre, staging the very best deaf and disabled creatives across the country.

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Support & Collaborate

Collaboration is at the heart of innovative and exciting work. We are always looking for partners to create with. If you want to programme an existing show, or collaborate on a showcase, or new programme, get in touch via

Oli - a white non-binary person - has bleached hair and is dressed in a white tshirt and blue gym shorts. Oli sits on stage, with a blue-washed projection behind them. They have a focused expression and their mouth is slightly open.

Artist Development

Nurturing the practice and work of deaf and disabled creatives is integral to us. Take a look through our projects and opportunities to see how can support you.