Support and Collaborate

Support & Collaborate

Collaboration is at the heart of innovative and exciting work.

We are always looking for industry partners, new collaborators, or generous supporters.

Take a look at our opportunities to collaborate below, or contact the team at


Oli - a white non-binary person - has bleached hair and is dressed in a white tshirt and blue gym shorts. Oli sits on stage, with a blue-washed projection behind them. They have a focused expression and their mouth is slightly open.

Artist Development Programmes

We’re looking for partners for our artist development programmes. Whether you’re interested in programming, facilitating or giving support in kind, get in touch with us at

Shows & Events

We’re always looking for partners to collaborate with on new work or to programme our existing shows. If you have an idea for a collaboration or want to programme one of our existing shows, get in touch with our Lead Producer,

MC Geezer and Troi 'DJ Chinaman' Lee perform at the CRIPtic Pit Party in 2021. MC Geezer raps and signs on stage, while Troi Lee plays music from behind a desk, with his hand raised.

Event Partners & Facilitators

We’re looking for partners and event facilitators for our community events programme Connect Through Creativity. Read more about our events programme below or get in touch with us at