CRIPtic Access Services

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CRIPtic Access

Our bold plan to make the creative world more accessible.

CRIPtic Access Services include access advice, workshops, and bespoke training informed by policy, best practice, and experience. See how we can help you, and get in touch below.

Workshops & Training

We provide arts-informed, interactive, tailored workshop and trainings for your organisation, taking you through disability awareness and equality to anti-ableism, addressing language, culture and access, helping you provide an exceptional service to your employees, freelancers, and people accessing your provision.

Creative Access Consultancy

Are you looking to make a show accessible for audiences, cast and crew? CRIPtic can come in at any part of the show development process and work with you on integrating creative access into, as well as commissioning access providers and supporting you in supporting disabled people at every point of your project.

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(Free) 1:1 Support for Disabled Artists

CRIPtic offers regular, free, bookable advice and support sessions for deaf and disabled creatives to discuss everything from creative or access challenges to funding applications.

We are also able to connect you with people offering ongoing support and mentoring exploring creative access integration into projects and governance, personal and career development, and organisational strategy, where funding is in place.

Creative Support and Mentoring

We offer creative support and mentoring for disabled artists, helping people develop their creative, organisational, and practical skills while navigating ableism in the arts.

We are able to support a limited number of artists and charge for this service. If you are interested in building this into a funding bid, please get in touch with us about our rates.

Get in touch with our Access Team

To enquire about or book paid training, consultancy, or workshops, please fill in this form. If you are an individual artist interested in free 1:1 support, there are limited sessions available, which must be booked here (link).