Self & Other

Show Poster for Self & Other. An original painting by Rachel Gadsden, showing portraits of Jessi Parrott, a white person with short brown hair, Jasmin Thien a young chinese woman with bright purple eyes, and Ada Eravama, a Nigerian woman wearing a purple hairband. The portraits shine out of a black background, which has pink and red paint running throughout. Words are scribbled around the borders of the image such as ‘freedom’, ‘stars’, ‘joy’, ‘solidarity’.

Self & Other

Friday 15 – Saturday 16 March, 7.45pm

HOME Manchester

BSL Interpreted, Audio Description, Captioned


Self & Other, directed by Jamie Hale collates monologues from some of the UK’s most exciting disabled writer-performers; the result is an exploration of the human experience that will leave you questioning, connecting and feeling more alive than ever before.

Self & Other reaches unravels the intricate threads that separate one individual from another. for though no man is an island, disabled people know intimately what it is to be unable to be self without the support of another…

The Moon Jellyfish, by Simone Roach performed by Sonera Theo Angel

A captivating, lyrically luscious love letter to the beauty, heritage, and heart of the disabled community.

Fragments, by Ada Eravama

Grace’s influencer lifestyle comes into conflict with the complexities of familial love, asking us what we really value

Bumps, by Dr. Jessi Parrott

Bumps explores the joy and pain of journeys (literal and figurative) towards accepting and embracing your body and brain, when society – and your own mind – tells you that you shouldn’t.

Linda (Constellation), by Tom Ryalls performed by Georgia Burnell

Linda wants to live forever. She knows this isn’t possible but her plan is to tell a joke so good that she is at least remembered forever, but her epileptic seizures are getting in the way of that. She has another seizure in the middle of a set, heads to hospital, and does what she always does to recover – goes star gazing on the roof. But tonight is different, tonight she finally imagines herself as a constellation, and possibly finds a new way to live forever.

Self & Other has been made possible with the support of Arts Council England.

Writers & Performers

Headshot of Ada Eravama - a Nigerian woman who is visually impaired. Ada smiles directly into the camera and is wearing a black top. Behind her are gold sparkles against a blue background.

Ada Eravama

A headshot of Jessi, a white non-binary person with short brown hair and brown eyes, sitting in their powered wheelchair (out of shot) in front of a blurred brick wall. Jessi is wearing a light blue shirt over a white t-shirt, and gazing gently at the camera.

Jessi Parrott

A headshot of Tom, almost smiling at the camera. Big blue plastic glasses, blonde hair with a curl at the front. A blue t-shirt with a cord shirt over the top.

Tom Ryalls

A headshot of Georgia, a white woman with brown, mid-length hair, who is smiling directly into the camera and wearing a green top and gold hooped earrings. Behind her is a pale pink background.

Georgia Burnell

A dark-skinned Black woman smiles and looks at the camera. She is wearing a bright red vintage swallow-tail trench coat with a purple patterned shirt visible underneath, dark red lipstick, and purple patterned earrings. Her hair is shaved on both sides.

Simone Roach

A smiling, pale-skinned person with short, dark hair and thick eyebrows sits in their manual wheelchair sideways to the camera. One arm draped casually over the short headrest of the chair and the over over their knee. They are wearing a loose silk shirt in pink, blue and yellow, leather trousers, and yellow lace up trainers. Their wheelchair is black and silver and minimalist.

Sonera Theo Angel

Headshot of Vinessa Brant. Vinessa, a bkack woman, smiles widely at the camera, she wears a green long-sleeved top.

Vinessa Brant (BSL Perfomance Interpreter)

Creative Team

Jamie Hale

Concept, Curation & Dramaturg

Stephen Bailey

Performance Direction

Caitlin Richards


Lily An

Assistant Director & Audio Description Consultant

Rudzani Moleya

Movement Director

Phoebe Shu-Ching Chan

Set Designer

Carly Altberg

Lighting Designer

Jonny Leitch

Sound Designer

Dave Johnzy Jones

Associate Sound Designer

Ben Glover

Creative Caption Designer

Bea Webster-Mockett

Creative Access & BSL Consultant 

Dot Alma

Audio Description Consultant (Development)

Jasmine Kahlia

Creative Access Support Worker

Francesca Kamil

Creative Access Support Worker

Vicky Binns

Creative Access Support Worker

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