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Casting Call Out: 4 x performers for The Crip Monologues

Key dates:

  • 20-26 May: 6 days of rehearsals, London
  • 27/28 May 2024: 2-night performance at Camden People’s Theatre

Fee: £1,000

Do you exist in the kind of visibly disabled body that cannot enter a room without being stared at?

The Crip Monologues is an exciting new show from creator Jamie Hale and writers Hayleigh Morrow, Sonera Theo Angel, Emily Brenchi, and Simone Roach, produced by CRIPtic Arts, and directed by Jamil Dhillon. It is about observation, scrutiny, and how the disabled body becomes public property, and has 4 distinct monologues woven into one show:

Hayleigh Morrow’s Ava’s Story unravels the aftermath of a kinky one-night stand under the gaze of a judgemental carer. Sonera Theo Angel’s Just Short of Saintly explores the cost and compromises of navigating the world when you’re not a sympathetic victim. Emily Brenchi’s Mother narrates the impact of disbelief and discrimination giving birth as a disabled woman, while Simone Roach writes a captivating love letter to the beauty, heritage, and heart of the disabled community in The Moon Jellyfish.

Casting requirements:

Ava’s Story – by Hayleigh Morrow

A woman (or happy to play a character who is a woman), wheelchair user, any ethnicity (heavily sexual elements)

Just Short of Saintly – by Sonera Theo Angel

A person from the global majority, trans (any or no gender identity, but identifying as part of the trans community), wheelchair user (discussion of medical malpractice and the intersections of racism, sexism, queer/transphobia and ableism)

Mother – by Emily Brenchi

A woman (or happy to play a character who is a woman exploring giving birth and becoming a mother), wheelchair user, any ethnicity (discussions of medical abuse of power, discrimination and disbelief)

The Moon Jellyfish – by Simone Roach

A person from the global majority, any gender, any visible impairment

It is an open casting: we’re looking for performers of all levels of experience and background who feel a connection with the work discussed and meet the outline criteria associated with each part. 


The show explores the theme of scrutiny and how the disabled body is nonconsensually scrutinised. Disabled people are used to stares and curiosity about our bodies. In this show, performers will perform in underwear/swimwear or clothing offering a similar degree of coverage, (discussed on a part by part basis). This is to reclaim the power of having chosen to be stared at by the audience but also of being present to stare back. We are looking for performers who are comfortable with this.

Interested in performing?

To express your interest in being cast in the show, you can either:

  1. You can fill in this form online
  2. You can send the below to either as a word document, video (BSL or spoken english) or audio recording:
    1. What role are you auditioning for?
    2. Please upload a 2-minute video (in spoken English or BSL) of you performing any two minute section from either one of two monologues available here [LINK], written by Jamie Hale for an earlier version of this project. If you require the scripts in BSL please let us know and we will provide them.
    3. Your CV / a link to your spotlight profile if applicable

Submissions close at 5pm on 3 March.

Care, Access and Support Worker*

Fee: £150 per day

Locations: London, Manchester, Bristol (though we are open to hearing from anyone in the UK)

*Please note we do not have any active opportunities – we are creating a database of individuals we can call on for opportunities as they arise.

CRIPtic Arts is looking to build a database of UK-based Care, Access and Support Workers to work with our Artistic Director Jamie Hale, and any other disabled creatives on our creative projects. Your role would be to enable the team member to perform to their maximum potential by reducing and eliminating the barriers they face and helping them manage their support needs in a flexible manner – whether they’re in a writers room, performing on stage, or directing a show.

As CRIPtic puts on work nationally, we often need additional care, access and support work both in London and while based at other theatres. This role may encompass a range of tasks to include creative access support but also manual handling and the provision of personal and medical care.

This is a great opportunity for you to be in exciting artistic spaces, supporting people whether they’re performing, directing, or scriptwriting, including at major artistic venues and with high-level contacts.

We are currently prioritising searching for London, Manchester and Bristol-based individuals but will expand this as work comes up in other locations.

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