About CRIPtic Arts

The cast & crew of the 2021 CRIPtic Showcase gather on stage for a final bow. They are bathed in blue and pink light and surrounded by bubbles.

About CRIPtic

Igniting disabled excellence across the arts

CRIPtic Arts exists to ignite disabled excellence across the arts

We provide active disabled leadership which advances world-class arts work with disabled creatives. From high-quality community activities to showcasing breakthrough performers; we’re blazing a revolution in accessibility.

We are a creatively courageous, accessibility-driven organisation, forging diverse disabled excellence, with community, ethics, and solidarity at the heart of our work.

When we talk about disabled people, we mean “people who face disableist [including audist] barriers”, or “people who identify themselves as deaf or disabled – or are identified by others as deaf or disabled in society”. We are also committed to supporting artists facing the highest barriers to opportunities, and/or whose access requirements are less likely to be met by other organisations.

In 2022, we were named as one of the 25 most influential disabled-led community organisations in the Disability Power 100.

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A photo of three people chatting and smiling together.

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To learn more about who CRIPtic are and how we work, read our FAQ page, or catch up on our News & Updates or the reflections we’ve written about our practice

Jamie Hale sits naked in their electric wheelchair, surrounded by cameras on tripods. Jamie is a white person with red hair cropped in a buzz cut. Their black wheelchair harness straps and catheter bag are visible behind the cameras.

CRIPtic Ethos

At our core is an attempt to develop a new artistic ethos, one that centres access and our communities. Find out more about our ‘ethos’ work

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Support & Collaborate

Collaboration is at the heart of innovative and exciting work. We are always looking for partners to create with.