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Our workshops are open to anyone – whether you are looking to join our community, explore your creativity, or build a career in the arts.

Workshops at CRIPtic Arts

Movement Toolbox

With Meghan Denton & Firielle Al Ju’beh (Dark Horse Theatre)

Discovering dynamic stories, connecting your imagination and body

Meghan Denton, an actor/theatre maker from Halifax (West Yorkshire), trained with Dark Horse Theatre from 2014 to 2020, playing lead roles in Snakebite (2015) and The Garden (2020), working alongside contemporary dance artist Vilmore James and director and writer Vanessa Brooks. Meghan has since joined the Dark Horse ensemble developing original work in their signature physical style, touring most recently with #Unit21 and joining the Separate Doors National Ensemble developing work for general audiences with integrated casts of learning disabled and non-disabled actors, working with movement director Angela Gasparetto. 
Firielle Al Ju’beh, a Palestinian actor/theatre-maker who lives in Yorkshire, trained with Dark Horse Theatre from 2017 to 2020, playing the lead role alongside Meghan in The Garden (2020), working with Pheonix Dance Theatre founder Vilmore James to develop a contemporary movement vocabulary for the show.


Moving your Body

Wednesday 27th September, 6.30-8.30pm / Zoom

In this workshop, you will connect with your body and all its parts, discovering new possibilities for creative expression.

£0 / BSL / Integrated AD / Auto Captions

Building a Movement Sequence

Wednesday 25th October, 6.30-8.30pm / Zoom

In this workshop, you will explore the shapes and patterns you can create with your body, building on the discoveries you made in the first workshop.

£0 / BSL / Integrated AD / Auto Captions

Storytelling through movement

Wednesday 29th November, 6.30-8.30pm / Zoom

In this final workshop, we will develop characters using your body, the shapes and patterns you can create and the movements you can make, to tell a series of stories.

£0 / BSL / Integrated AD / Auto Captions

Laughing Matters – a comedy writing workshop series

With Jen McGregor

A fun, quickfire workshop series taking you through generating ideas, comedic structure, and how to turn an ordinary sentence into a zinger!

About Jen McGregor

Jen McGregor is an award-winning writer and director. Credits include The Premorial (Birds of Paradise/Perth Theatre), Ghost Stories (Pitlochry Festival Theatre), Divergent Sounds (Southbank Centre) and Matchmaker Theatre’s The Real William Shakespeare… as told by Christopher Marlowe (EdFringe). Jen’s work explores themes of self-invention, death fear/death drive, and finding your place in a world in which you don’t easily fit.

The Shape of the Laugh

Tuesday 12th December, 6.30-8.30pm / Zoom

In this workshop we’ll look at why we write comedy, what we get out of it and what we want to share, and what forms and structures serve those goals.

£0 / BSL / Integrated AD / Auto Captions

Wit and Wordplay

Tuesday 16th January, 6.30-8.30pm / Zoom

Learn the art of turning an ordinary sentence into a zinger! We’ll look at how to say things in ways that are sharp and impactful, tongue-twistingly delightful, or just downright silly.

£0 / BSL / Integrated AD / Auto Captions

Whose words are these?

Tuesday 13th February, 6.30-8.30pm / Zoom

Comedy can let an audience in on your deepest vulnerabilities, or it can give you a disguise to let you choose what you reveal and conceal. Will you write from the heart and make us laugh in your own guise, or will you create a brand new voice for the things you want to say?

£0 / BSL / Integrated AD / Auto Captions

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