Incubate – Artists

Jacqui is a black woman with black and slightly grey waist-length twists, She is wearing a vertically striped shirt. She is sitting in her powered wheelchair sideways facing, Jacqui staring straight into the camera with a curious look on her face. The background is greenery not in focus.


Incubate: building deaf & disabled-led arts organisations.

The community is brimming with ideas for new arts orgs, but a lack of support to grow those. At CRIPtic, we are committed to growing and developing the deaf and disabled-led artistic ecosystem.

Incubate is a 12-month accelerator programme for four people building deaf and disabled led organisations within the wider arts sector.

Incubate will take members through 12 funded peer discussions on everything from financial management to social media. It is a peer-facilitated programme: while CRIPtic manages the sessions, there are no ‘experts’ – we’re all learning from each other.

We hope to open applications for Incubate 2025 at the end of 2024.

2024 Incubate Members

Set in an electric blue stairwell. Jonny is suspended horizontally at 90 degrees, his chair hooked on
the stair banister. The round wheel of his chair is mirrored in a metal work of the stair well above him.
His arm is hanging with ease and he looks up towards the sky. Tilly lies back over the stair banister
opposite to Jonny, she looks relaxed, her top leg bent, also gazing towards the sky. Between them is the
company logo - circle with the words Head Over Wheels within it, in white writing

Head Over Wheels

Head Over Wheels is a collective of multidisciplinary artists, primarily focusing on creating circus work. We work collaboratively, striving to make decisions democratically and exploring everyones ideas. We are dedicated to challenging misconceptions around disability, and breaking the stereotypes of what a ‘circus
body’ should look or move like. As an emerging company we strive to subvert the trends of glamorous and sensational circus, by making domestic and relatable work that can resonate with audiences on a person level.

We are looking to give Head Over Wheels the core foundation it needs to achieve its goals. At this early
stage in our company journey, we couldn’t be luckier to be working with and supported by CRIPtic, Graeae Theatre, & Paraorchestra. All three companies have been extremely generous in guiding and offering support as we start up and push towards our goals.

The variety of resources and consultancy that CRIPTIC is offering over the next year makes allows us space to make decisions at our own speed, ensuring that we are starting the initial framework of our company considering inclusive, ethical and accessible working practises throughout.

Princess, co-founder of BLKINK Productions, stares intensely into the camera with a gentle smile.

BLKINK Productions

At BLK INK, we’re not just about storytelling; we’re about painting the industry with a darker touch! Our mission? Unleashing narratives that reflect the beauty, power, and diversity of the global majority. And guess what? We’re proud black females shaking up the scene.

BLKINK Productions aims to establish itself by focusing on key areas such as funding, marketing, and company development. We’ll seek insights into managing a production company through research and mentorship. Acquiring funding will involve pitching to investors, pursuing grants, and securing sponsorships. Effective marketing strategies and a strong social media presence will enhance visibility.

Leveraging grants and incentives in the arts sector will provide additional support. Our focus will be on
nurturing talent, fostering relationships, and consistently delivering high-quality content to build recognition and make a lasting impact in the entertainment industry.

The image shows Creative Director, Rebekah Ubuntu, facing side-ways towards the glow of the sun. Behind them is a blue sky with soft clouds and a calm ocean. Rebekah is a feminine Black person with a golden complexion and a slim build.  They have shoulder-length, blonde-coloured braids tied back into a ponytail. They wear a black and white patterned blazer and sunglasses.

Rebekah Ubuntu

Rebekah Ubuntu is a creative director, multidisciplinary artist, composer, musician, university lecturer and artist mentor based between London and Kent, UK. Their current research focuses on ecologies, belonging and visionary imagination.

Rebekah has dedicated two decades to supporting artists’ growth and development as a specialist mentor/coach across formal education, community arts/music initiatives and artist development programmes. Their mentoring approach – as well as their passion for disability and economic justice – is informed by fifteen years’ experience as a clinical and community-based mental health advocate and consultant.

For the past five years Rebekah has been researching and developing strategies to address prevalent (and preventable) issues within the spheres of digital arts practice. First hand labour experience and tried and tested experiments over the past half decade have culminated in this moment of establishing an organisation with the hope of making a valuable contribution to arts and creative ecologies and beyond.

Black and white headshot of South Asian woman staring in to the distance in the corner. She is smiling, wearing a black top.

How to Be Books (Suswati Basu)

Suswati Basu is a multilingual disabled journalist and editor, former senior intelligence expert, mental health books show podcast host, and award-winning activist. She has won the Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize for raising awareness on domestic violence, as well as being shortlisted for the Guardian Mary Stott Prize and longlisted for the Guardian International Development Journalism Award. She runs the How To Be Books platform, which looks at the intersection of society and literature from a marginalised perspective, interviewing everyone from Nobel Peace Prize winners to globally renowned scientists.

I will be joining the Incubate programme to learn more about:

  • Holding accessible events, including the accessible onboarding of freelance staff
  • Becoming resilient
  • Access to great disabled talent
  • Financial management and crowd funding
    I will be providing insight if I can into social media, content, SEO and audience as an experienced media

Previous Incubate Members

Saskia Horton. A white non-binary person with long hair & freckles stares determinedly straight into the camera in a black and white photograph.


SENSORIA will bring radical accessibility to dance and the disability arts ecosphere via a hip hop framework & state of mind- which already welcomes diverse bodies & ways of thinking within dance.

About Saskia Horton

Saskia (they/she) is a multidisciplinary artist working with dance, music & words. A violinist and hip hop dancer, they are exploring the cross-pollination of their practice with a process of healing from chronic illness, centring slowness, stillness, sustainability & play. She endeavours to host hip hop informed jam spaces & educational opportunities within dance for chronically ill, disabled & neurodivergent artists through her company- SENSORIA.

A headshot of Dave Young, a white man with short brown hair and a brown beard. Dave looks off to the left. He is outside and there are flowers, grass and trees in the background

The Shouting Mute

The shouting mute is an Arts Company that promotes & showcases the talents of different and unheard voices encouraging participation in the arts for AAC users and their community. Championing people that have even more barriers to the arts and culture sector, unleashing creativity to unlock new talented writers and artists.

About Dave Young

Dave is a performance poet and artist. I consider myself an activist in the promotion of inclusive theatre and film practices. I promote self expression and creativity in everyone and by working inclusively I aim to show that the arts belong to us all. I strive to raise expectations of the capabilities of disabled people and those marginalised by society.

Ducky Elford Headshot. Ducky is a white non-binary person with bleach blonde hair, big square red acetate glasses. They are wearing a black t-shirt with a red tartan shirt.

Ducky Elford

Ducky is looking to create a social enterprise and video game development studio focused on creating games for disabled gamers by disabled-led teams of developers.

About Ducky Elford

Ducky Elford is a neurodivergent and disabled artist, exploring the intersection between art and play. Elford creates non-normative video games, costumes, and art pieces, using various multimedia techniques that involve animation, 3D modelling, VFX, game design, and rapid prototyping. Through their work, they construct game spaces and digital artworks that delve into metaphysical, historical, and potential future realms.

An image of Nell Hardy. A pale white woman in her early thirties with long blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles, wearing a pale purple top, smiles slightly in front of a blurred alleyway in the background.

Response Ability Theatre

Response Ability Theatre seeks to represent and support people whose lives have been derailed by trauma. Its productions explore contemporary experiences of social injustice with particular focus on their effects on the human psyche, treading a fine line between naturalism and poetry for visceral audience experiences that elicit intimate empathy and inspire everyday activism.

About Nell Hardy

Nell is an actor, writer, director and facilitator. Her solo show NoMad, based on her experiences of homelessness and mental health hospitalisation, completed a small UK tour last year. She believes that theatre is a vital biological process that can help us, in an ever more divisive and isolating world, to find out how to be with each other.

Image description: A headshot of Sam Brewer, a white man with blue eyes, short blonde hair and beard. Sam looks softly into the camera. He is wearing a blue t-shirt.


FlawBored is a disability-led theatre company that creates ensemble based work. We formed out of a need to reinvigorate the way access is considered both within shows and within the rehearsal room, believing that it should be thought about from the beginning of the process not added on as an afterthought.


My mission is to help the creative arts industry to be more accessible, to contribute creatively and to offer support to companies/organisations to become more inclusive.

Neuk Collective

Neuk Collective aims to support neurodivergent creatives in Scotland through advocacy, education, and community-building. In 2021 Neuk Collective published the Neuk Manifesto, a ten-point plan for a more inclusive art scene, along with a practical guide to supporting neurodivergent artists in the workplace.

Lilac Yosiphon

Lilac Yosiphon is a theatre director and writer.

Directing credits include Heroes (Work in progress, VAULT Festival 2020, nominated for an Origins Award for New Work), The Glass Will Shatter (Omnibus Theatre & UK Tour), Home Sweet Home (Stratford Circus, Jackson’s Lane & ARC Stockton), Jericho’s Rose (co-directed with Mike Cole and Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster; Hope Theatre & Theatre Deli Sheffield), One Last Thing (For Now) (Old Red Lion Theatre)