A headshot of Dave Young, a white man with short brown hair and a brown beard. Dave looks off to the left. He is outside and there are flowers, grass and trees in the background


Incubate: building disabled-led arts organisations.


The community is brimming with ideas for new arts organisations, but a lack of support to grow those. At CRIPtic, we are committed to growing and developing the deaf and disabled-led artistic ecosystem. Incubate explores everything CRIPtic had to learn as we began – learning from our successes and failures, our mistakes and experiments, and sharing that information to support new organisations through their early development.

What is Incubate?

Incubate is a 12 month programme that supports 4 UK based disabled people or small organisations through their first year of structured development with discussions on everything from financial management to social media.  It is a peer-facilitated programme. While CRIPtic manages the sessions, there are no ‘experts’ – we’re all learning from each other.

There is one space on the programme per organisation, and each organisation will be paid £50/session, to cover the preparatory work for each session, and payment for their time in attending and participating. Organisations must send the same person to all sessions.

Sessions will have captions, rest-breaks, and BSL interpretation where required, and we aim to meet other access requirements as far as possible. You must be able to attend the majority of these sessions.

Applications for Incubate 2024 are now closed. We will be assessing applications in the coming weeks. We hope to reopen our programmes for 2025.