Led by Artistic Director Jamie Hale, CRIPtic Arts is a hub for deaf and disabled artists.

Hale founded CRIPtic in 2019, when they launched a ground-breaking sellout show featuring a range of deaf and disabled artists at the Barbican Centre. Since then, we have carried out activities including:

CRIPtic works across the art world, with a background in theatre but contacts and skills in everything from music to galleries – and are keen to reach out to deaf and disabled people working in art-forms other than performance.

This means that as an organisation, we work to build communities, empower individuals, and develop deaf and disabled artists.

When we talk about deaf and disabled people, we mean By this, we mean “people who face disableist [including audist] barriers”, or “people who identify themselves as deaf or disabled – or are identified by others as deaf or disabled in society”.

Who is CRIPtic Arts for and about?

The focus of CRIPtic is on deaf and disabled people within the arts.

CRIPtic focuses on people facing the highest access barriers – whether due to a lack of accommodations being provided or intersecting experiences whilst providing events and opportunities across the deaf and disabled communities. We are based in London but the majority of our work is online, allowing us to reach people across the UK.

CRIPtic runs projects for all parts of the deaf and disabled arts community – from seasoned professionals to new starters. We recognise and value everyone’s contributions, skills, and experience.

What does CRIPtic Arts do?

If you want to learn more about CRIPtic why not take a look at some of our projects for 2022. These will include workshops, readings, showcases, networking sessions, and 1:1 drop-ins, as well as research and industry development work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the questions CRIPtic is most often asked? Take a look here…