Meet the CRIPtic Artists for 2021

Ground-breaking art challenges. It pushes the audience to consider new perspectives or different priorities. We like thought-provoking, often funny, and new art – or old art with something new to say. As a disability arts hub, that’s the work we’re looking to find, champion, and create. At the heart of the disability arts scene is a radicalism. It tries new approaches, techniques, and is raw, rough, and experimental. It’s also talented, professional, and experienced – these two things are not in tension. As a disability arts hub, we are able to be responsive and agile – seeking out artists and supporting them to create art.

What does CRIPtic do?

The showcase

As well as running the celebrated Barbican CRIPtic showcase, we have a lead artist mentoring and development programme. This gives them 1:1 mentoring, financial support, and individual and group workshops. These cover everything from creative and integrated access, BSL, audio-description and captioning, to social media and accessing funding. At the end of the programme, they will be performing in the line-up we’re curating for the Barbican CRIPtic showcase. To read who’s on our programme this year, slip over to the section of our site dedicated to the showcase…

For writers

We are also doing a lot of work for writers as CRIPtic x Spread the Word. This includes workshops and readings at our writers’ salon to another online retreat for d/Deaf and disabled writers, after Experimental in 2020 was such a success. This retreat is also part of a piece of research we’re doing into the barriers faced by d/Deaf and disabled people in literature.

About access

Our disability arts hub offers a wide range of services to the creative community. Firstly, we have an access advisory service for arts organisations. This can offer everything from a one-off consultation to a root-and-branch access audit. Secondly, we offer support and training for companies and practitioners on integrating creative access. Thirdly we have an Arts Council England access support team. This is for artists and companies that need support with their application related to being d/Deaf and/or disabled. If you want to discuss these, please reach out.

Growing your ideas

CRIPtic is approachable. Our disability arts hub is here to support you in growing your idea, with resources, time, and equipment. There are far more great artists than we can help – but if we can’t do it ourselves, we can try and point you in the right direction, and we can bring you into the network of wonderful people we’ve worked with.

How can I work with CRIPtic?

There are lots of ways you can work with us. We have put information on our Get Involved and What’s On pages. That will tell you about everything: workshops, callouts, jobs, and performances.

If you are interested in bringing your idea to us, please Contact Us. We may not be able to help – as with every organisation we have limited capacity – but we may be able to signpost. Soon, we will be offering the option to book a drop-in session with the team. This will be via our website, and will allow you to talk to us about your idea.

What next?

Why not browse the site, have a search around, and then pick your favourite way to get involved with our network.