Annual Report 2022-23


Our annual report 2021-2022 covers what we've been up to, the impact we've had and where we are headed in the future

A picture of the cover of our 2022-23 Annual Report, orange, with a turquoise splash and the CRIPtic Arts logo

The CRIPtic Arts Annual Report 2022-23

We are very proud of the impact CRIPtic Arts has had on the arts industry. CRIPtic Arts has come a long way since it started as a one-off showcase in 2019, then as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2021. We went through the process of registering last year, identifying the real community benefit we offer. This year, we’ve been able to take the next steps in that process, moving from being a set of individual projects into recognising ourselves as an organisation, starting to shape our mission, vision, and values to reflect the mark we want to make on the sector and industry.

This has enabled us both to deliver larger projects and to further develop CRIPtic Arts over the next three years. We have expanded our team considerably, and delivered more to the community than ever before. This includes working with new partners including Lewisham Borough of Culture, Trans Vegas, and UCL, building our research projects on disabled people facing specific barriers to access, and on the minimum acceptable level of audience access provision. It also includes co-founding the UK’s first Disabled Poets’ Prize, working on R&D for a new show, the CRIP Monologues and on reworking Jamie Hale’s NOT DYING, and securing funding from a range of partners.