Creative Access and BSL Consultant

Fee: £150/day – estimated 15.75 full days or equivalent hours where 1 day is equivalent to 8 hours

Contract: Freelance/self-employed

Location: Pre-show meetings virtual/hybrid, rehearsals London/Manchester (in-person attendance required). Where in-person work is required, we will cover hotels, travel and per diems for people outside a reasonable/accessible commute.

Key dates (provisional):

Pre show meetings: (4.25 days)

  • Mid-late August, Creative consultation meetings with Sound, Lighting & Set Designers (0.75 days)
  • w/c 11 September: Initial ideas meeting (0.25 day)
  • 16 November: Script review with Director (1 day)
  • w/c 7 December: Paper Tech (0.75 day)
  • December / January: Review design work (1.5 days)

Rehearsals: (6 days)

  • 27 – 29 Feb (10am-6pm) London, (location TBC) (3 days)
  • 4 – 8 March (10am-6pm) Manchester (location TBC)  (3 days)

Show week: (5.5 days)

  • Tuesday 12 March, 10am-6pm
  • Wednesday 13 March, 10am-6pm
  • Thursday 14 March, 10am-6pm
  • Friday 15 March, 10am-6pm, 7pm-10.30pm
  • Saturday 16 March, 10am-6pm

The Production

The production (name TBD) comprises 4x 30 minute mono/dialogues by disabled performers with integrated access elements. They explore themes of relationships, culture, dis/connection, intimacy and identity. It is the culmination of our Launchpad disabled artist development programme. Please read more about the pieces here [LINK].

The Role

The Creative Access and BSL Consultant will be responsible for the overall accessibility of the show for performers, access providers and audiences. They will work with the Director, designers and access providers to ensure that every creative decision embeds access at its heart. The final show should be as accessible as possible, including to deaf BSL signers, but also to people using captions, audio-description, who need relaxed performances, and other those who require other access provisions. 

They will be working with the wider design team including director and assistant director, lighting, sound, and set designers, and audio-description consultant to ensure that all areas of audience and performer accessibility are considered across the creation of the piece.

The Creative Access and BSL Consultant will be particularly focused on overseeing the integration of BSL into the show, working with the director, performance interpreters and performers to ensure that the final show is accessible to deaf BSL signers. As a result, this role is specifically reserved for a deaf BSL signer.

Person Specification


  • Is a deaf BSL signer
  • Fluent in BSL (essential) 
  • Experience integrating BSL into theatre productions that may work with any combination of deaf signers, deaf performers, hearing performers, and performance interpreters
  • Willingness to learn about embedding wider creative access for audiences, access providers, and performers in theatre productions


  • Has experience of working as a director, assistant director, or associate director
  • Experience of working as a BSL consultant on theatre productions
  • Experience with consulting on and embedding wider creative access for audiences, performers and access providers with a wide range of access requirements

To Apply

To apply, please send an email to with a one-page CV (4 min video in BSL or one page in written English), cover letter (4 min video in BSL or one page in written English), and portfolio (if you have one).

We are particularly keen to hear from applicants who cannot work without wheelchair access or 1:1 support, as part of our commitment to ensuring we are creating opportunities for those whose needs may not be met elsewhere. We are also particularly keen to hear from applicants from the global majority.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on 28th June.

We are interviewing for this position on a rolling basis. We may hold interviews and appoint the role before the application deadline. We therefore advise you to apply quickly. We will update the CRIPtic Arts website if we fill this position before the application deadline.