CRIPtic Artists 2023/24 Work In Progress Sharing


CRIPtic Arts invites people to an online event to see work by disabled artists.

On Thursday 28 September 2023, CRIPtic Arts presents a unique opportunity to get a sneak peek at what artists on their 2023/24 development programmes have been working on.

Over Zoom, members of the Reach and Launchpad cohorts of CRIPtic Artists will be sharing work-in-progress pieces; the culmination of an enriching Spring and Summer of activities across CRIPtic Arts’ innovative Artist Development strands.

Industry and invited guests alike are encouraged to attend and witness exciting new work in its earliest stages.

Please note: as these are works in their formative stages, the event can be accessed by request only, with priority given to those looking to provide creative or industry insights. Please express your interest in attending by emailing

 About CRIPtic Arts

CRIPtic Arts is a creative development organisation focused on making the arts industry more accessible, and supporting, developing, and championing disabled people across the industry. It was founded in 2019 and works on:

Artistic excellence: Building opportunities for deaf and disabled creatives at every point in their career including through workshops, 1:1 advice, and funding application support

Curating showcases and development opportunities, championing work by disabled people, with a particular focus on those whose access needs aren’t met elsewhere

Delivering access training, advice and consultancy to companies and institutions by embedding disability justice at the heart of their approach. This is informed by research, resources, revolution – the research and policy development arm of CRIPtic Arts’ work.