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What’s on at CRIPtic

MC Geezer is a white man with short hair and a short beard. He is wearing black glasses and a red polo shirt, and is standing outside some buildings in Hackney.

Performer: MC Geezer

MC Geezer What made you want to be an artist / performer? I always have love of music so when I was a teenager I got my first Turntable then I become more interested to become and mc, few year…

A portrait black and white photograph. Alice wears clear circlular glasses, she has a fringe and her hair is half up half down.

Performer: Alice Christina-Corrigan

What made you want to be an artist / performer? As a child I was very nervous and incredibly shy, until one day I got up in class and found my ‘spark’ and I never looked back. Since then I…


Arts Council England Funding for d/Deaf & disabled artists

In the most recent CRIPtic workshop, the focus was on Arts Council funding – how to get it, what to do with it. I’ve applied for ACE funding before – both times desperately last minute, wrangling with Grantium at 11pm…