Introducing Lata Nobes – Associate Director

What made you want to be an artist / performer?

I was first interested in performance through music. I think I was listening to Beethoven before I could tie my shoelaces. I found music to be something that transcended the day to day, and lifted me out of anxiety and stress – something which I have struggled with since before I could tie my shoelaces.

It took me a long time to learn to tie shoelaces because I have ADHD.

I became interested in theatre as a teenager through acting, and whilst studying at university discovered that I had a skill for directing. I love that it introduces me to new people, characters, and worlds. My theatre often has music and sound design at it’s core.

What/who inspires your craft?

People, in general. I’m struck by people’s resilience in the most difficult situations, and bravery in response to injustice. These are the stories I want to tell through theatre.

What’s your vision for the future of theatre and where do you see yourself going after CRIPtic?

I want theatre to become more gritty, challenging and subversive – a change that will happen alongside access becoming embedded in the artistic practices of major theatres.

I want all prestigious theatres to advertise their assistant director roles. I want them to showcase unknown contemporary writing because it is great and not because the writer is already famous. I want theatres to be filled with young people of all backgrounds.

Right now I’m living in the moment as an artist. After CRIPtic I intend to keep creating.