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New Artists for CRIPtic 2021

At CRIPtic, we’re getting very close to in-person rehearsals starting (Monday 8th). The show opens on the 19th November, so it’s very soon now! We’re delighted to announce that we are adding three new acts to the line-up. Sahera Khan and Gold Maria Akanbi are bringing filmed pieces, and Flawbored are bringing a comedy. So, without further ado, here they are: Sahera Khan Sahera is Muslim, Deaf and British South Asian, her native language is British Sign Language. She is a freelance writer/creator, artist/actress, filmmaker and YouTuber, and wrote a great introductory blog for us. Sahera’s set is made up…
Sahera Khan, light brown skin, round face, smiling a little, black round glasses, black turban and wearing a khaki shirt.

Performer: Sahera Khan

My vision to see more Deaf and disabled artists increase, more opportunities behind the stages and roles within the theatre. There needs to be more access and inclusion.