This is a black and white portrait. Tom is standing on stage, he is a caucasian boy with short-ish white hair. He is wearing round, plastic blue glasses and a black buttoned up polo shirt.

Performer: Tom Ryalls

It’s important now more than ever that we learn to build systems of support and care, instead of isolated incidents of care and I hope my work around this show can do that.
Miss Jacqui is a Black woman with lots of curly hair. She is looking at the camera and is wearing a beige coloured top. She is seated outdoors surrounded by trees and plants.

Performer: Miss Jacqui

I’ve always been creative and I wasn’t always sure I could be an artist/performer because I never saw anyone who looked like me do what I wanted to do. I guess I stopped waiting for someone else to be the first and jumped in.
Oli - a white non-binary person - has bleached hair and is dressed in a light blue jumper that reads ‘kind human.’ Oli stands in the foreground next to a microphone that is hanging from the ceiling. They have a focused expression and their mouth is slightly open.

Performer: Oli Isaac

I am always trying to find new ways to frame conversations that can feel defunct. A new lens. And to be in playful dialogue with societal issues.