Performer: Alice Christina-Corrigan

"Representation in our arts sector is vital and I am so excited to be able to use my platform to promote equality, diversity and to show that anything is achievable."

This is the back of an artist announcement card for Alice. The design is styled on an American baseball card. The card has a thin white border. At the top of the card, there is a thick black band with the artist name, Alice, and a description of their role in CRIPtic, as Lead Artist. Below this, there is a black and white portrait photograph of Alice. A portrait photograph, Alice wears clear circle glasses, a purple and white striped T-shirt with her hair half up half down. Below the photo, there is a large black and white logo which reads CRIPtic.

What made you want to be an artist / performer?

As a child I was very nervous and incredibly shy, until one day I got up in class and found my ‘spark’ and I never looked back. Since then I grew as a person and always knew I wanted to be working in the arts but more often than not, felt my disability would hold me back and ultimately for a while- I became the thing holding me back. In my early 20’s I began to educate myself on my condition, something I had shied away from doing and began to accept it as part of who I am, which changed not only my identity but also me as an artist. Now, my practice stems around creatively embedding access into my performances to not only entertain and educate audiences, but to give hope to many young people who may (very similarly to myself) have told themselves this career isn’t an option for them. Representation in our arts sector is vital and I am so excited to be able to use my platform to promote equality, diversity and to show that anything is achievable.

What/who inspires your craft?

I take inspiration from the world around me, whether that be through music, human emotions or life itself. ‘Past Life’ was inspired by Tame Impala’s Album currents where I was not only inspired by the musical journey the listener goes on, but also the themes within the lyrics. I am also inspired by Bryony Kimmings work, someone who manages to tell such personal and raw emoting stories on stage whilst simultaneously finding the humour and joy within it.  Life is my biggest inspiration and is the work that stays with me for the longest. “The future of theatre is accessible and I am so excited to be a part of this journey. CRIPtic is an amazing experience and I am really passionate about showing the fuller length version of ‘Past Life’ to audiences in 2022 which I have been working on.

What’s your vision for the future of theatre and where do you see yourself going after CRIPtic?

For me, I want to continue to work with disabled artists, providing oppurtunities for new and emerging talent, to work on new writing and to continue to grow as an artist, actor, theatre maker and sound designer, but no matter what pathway I go down it will, and always be accessible at its core. “

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