A black and white image of Jamie Hale. They are white, and surrounded by nature, wearing a black shirt, with black glasses frames and bleached blonde hair.

Podcast: Jamie Hale

In the first episode we sit down with the brains behind the company… Jamie Hale! We discuss all things CRIPtic, the Barbican performance and what is next for Jamie. Grab a cuppa and come join us for the first episode! Jamie Hale is a queer / crip artist, curator, poet, writer, playwright, actor, facilitator, trainer and director – otherwise known as ‘busy’, ‘interdisciplinary’, or ‘indecisive’. They create poetry, comedy, scriptwriting, and drama for page, stage, and screen and in Feb 2021 won the Evening Standard Future Theatre Fund Award in Directing/Theatre-Making. Jamie currently works as Artistic Director at CRIPtic –…
This is a black and white portrait. Tom is standing on stage, he is a caucasian boy with short-ish white hair. He is wearing round, plastic blue glasses and a black buttoned up polo shirt.

Performer: Tom Ryalls

It’s important now more than ever that we learn to build systems of support and care, instead of isolated incidents of care and I hope my work around this show can do that.