Podcast: Jamie Hale

This is the front of an artist announcement card for Jamie. The design is styled on an American baseball card. The card has a thin white border and the rest of the card is black with turquoise accents. On the left hand corner, there is a triangular cross section of a photo of Jamie. In it, Jamie has cropped hair, bleached blonde and longer on top. They have a round face and are wearing glasses and a black shirt. Their head is on their wheelchair headrest. They emerge from the bushes like a queer forest creature. To the right of the photo, there is the artist's name, Jamie, pronouns, they/them, website, www.jamiehale.co.uk, and artistic practice, Founder & Artistic Director of CRIPtic . Below this is a short artist biography, which reads founded in 2019, Jamie has built CRIPtic into a pioneering d/Deaf & disabled artistic hub. They are a Poet, wordsmith and performer. In a turquoise rectangle below this, the card highlights what the artist’s role is within CRIPtic. For Jamie this reads Jamie is directing CRIPtic 2021. Below this are the artist’s social media handles @jamierhale, @jamiehalewrites, and a quote selected by the artist. This reads: Good art is always accessible.

In the first episode we sit down with the brains behind the company… Jamie Hale!

We discuss all things CRIPtic, the Barbican performance and what is next for Jamie. Grab a cuppa and come join us for the first episode!

Jamie Hale is a queer / crip artist, curator, poet, writer, playwright, actor, facilitator, trainer and director – otherwise known as ‘busy’, ‘interdisciplinary’, or ‘indecisive’. They create poetry, comedy, scriptwriting, and drama for page, stage, and screen and in Feb 2021 won the Evening Standard Future Theatre Fund Award in Directing/Theatre-Making. Jamie currently works as Artistic Director at CRIPtic – a development and showcasing opportunity for d/Deaf and disabled people across the Arts founded by Jamie in 2019.

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