Introducing Miss Jacqui

This is the back of an artist announcement card for Miss Jacqui. The design is styled on an American baseball card. The card has a thin white border. At the top of the card, there is a thick black band with the artist name, Miss Jacqui, and a description of their role in CRIPtic, as Lead Artist. Below this, there is a black and white portrait photograph of Miss Jacqui. Miss Jacqui is a Black woman with lots of curly hair. She is looking at the camera and is wearing a beige coloured top. She is seated outdoors surrounded by trees and plants. Below the photo, there is a large black and white logo which reads CRIPtic.

What made you want to be an artist / performer?

I’ve always been creative and I wasn’t always sure I could be an artist/performer because I never saw anyone who looked like me do what I wanted to do. I guess I stopped wait for someone else to be the first and jumped in. I love when a young person or a child see themselves in me.

What/who inspires your craft?

My inspiration comes from stories and voices that we often don’t hear about or are forgotten. I’m inspired by true lived experiences from all the communities I come from.

What’s your vision for the future of theatre and where do you see yourself going after CRIPtic?

I hope that CRIPtic show that it can be done and the industry can no longer use excuses about it being “too hard”.

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