Supporting 5 emerging disabled creatives to develop shows.


What is Reach?

Reach supports 5 emerging UK based disabled scriptwriters to develop solo shows through a 6 month programme of online workshops, and facilitated critical feedback groups.

Reach 2024 is a space for disabled storytellers to create work that does not have to be explored through a non-disabled gaze. It allows us to write universally, to talk about disability in our work – or to not talk about it – to be free to create what we want to create, instead of what we’re externally expected to create. It allows us to define the future trends in theatremaking instead of responding to them, choosing new directions, new work, and new stories. It moves us beyond the tropes about disabled people and the histories we’re encouraged to share, and lets us create work that is bold, intimate, and our own.

The programme culminates in a two day in person residential and private sharing hosted by an established industry director. It is a chance to play with the pieces, think about how they might be performed, and share your work with a small invited audience.

Reach artists will receive a total of £750 for participating in the programme. Hotel, travel and per diems for the Residential will be provided by CRIPtic Arts.

Applications for Reach 2024 are now closed. We will be assessing applications in the coming weeks. We hope to reopen our programmes for 2025.

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