CRIPtic Arts 2023 Artist Development Projects: Launching Today!

CRIPtic Arts 2023 Artist Development Projects: Launching Today!

As we begin the year, we’re very excited to announce the launch of CRIPtic 2023!

This will be a year of unparalleled creativity and community connection at CRIPtic Arts. Funded by Arts Council England we are launching a wide range of artist development opportunities over the next year. With these programmes, we aim to reach deaf and disabled people at all levels – whether brand new to the arts, or trying to make it in the mainstream.

You can apply to our projects below. If you’re not sure where to start our Artistic Director, Jamie Hale, is holding a Zoom talk and drop-in on Monday 20th February 11am-12pm, for people interested in applying to any of our programmes. Register for a place below.


In Reach, we’re looking to support five artists to develop intrepid new solo shows through a 6 month programme of online workshops, masterclasses, and facilitated critical feedback groups. The programme culminates in a two day in person residential where you will work with each other and a director to shape the final pieces. Across the programme, artists will receive funding to attend the sessions and develop their work (£750 total).


Launchpad supports four creatives/companies (of any discipline) to develop bold, new and adventurous work for the stage. Artists will access a funded 6 month development & mentoring programme, giving them the skills and connections to develop their show. Launchpad will culminate in a showcase in Winter 2023/24, where each artist who has completed the programme will be given a 30 minute performance slot.


Breakthrough supports two artists who are at the peak of their careers, and facing barriers preventing them breaking into the mainstream, with the goal of creating something small – and high quality. Artists will receive a £6000 commission to produce a sample of professional quality work. This could be anything from a 5 minute scene from a play, a song, a showreel, a lighting portfolio or a short video – we want to nurture creativity, and encourage exceptionalism. Artists will also receive mentoring, support, and development sessions. At the end of Breakthrough, they will have a calling card to showcase their potential.


Incubate is a 12-month accelerator programme that supports four people building deaf and disabled led organisations working within the arts, or creating organisations from what has previously been their solo practice. Incubate will take members through 12 funded peer discussions on everything from financial management to social media. It is a peer-facilitated programme: while CRIPtic manages the sessions, there are no ‘experts’ – we’re all learning from each other. This is our second year running the programme, and we’re delighted to build on last year’s successes.